Sustainable Cork


Cork, as the bark of an oak tree, is a natural raw material which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. The cork we use is harvested without harming or cutting down any trees that can grow to around the age of 300 years, depending on the health of the tree.

Environmental & Eco-Friendly

Cork harvesting is not only safe, it helps the environment by reducing Greenhouse gas emissions. While the cork tree is growing back its bark – it absorbs up to 3.5 times more C02 than it would otherwise. Every year cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tons of C02, playing their part in combating Global Warming.

Social Contribution

An oak tree is harvested for the first time at the age of 25 and subsequently every 9-12 years. The industry behind the cork in Portugal is providing thousands of people with jobs and the survival of local communities are dependent on the employment the industry provides. Portugal is a part of the EU, which gives employers a duty to ensure the policy of work related health and safety for their employees.

Natural Rubber from Vietnam

Yogologic use natural sap from the rubber tree for a bouncy and flexible base. We don’t use any glues or plastics – keeping you safe from toxic & smelly pollutants that damage our environment and affect the skin.
Yogologic’s Yoga mats are fully recyclable.

The Grip

The feeling of slipping around as soon as your hands start sweating is terrible! We have the solution. Our cork yoga mats have grip that actually increases as you sweat, helping you push yourself to break down your barriers.


Studies have shown that your average gym yoga mat can contain more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat. We want to keep yogis fit and healthy on their spiritual and physical journey. Cork is organically anti-bacterial so it provides the perfect clean and healthy surface for your yoga every time.