About us

Yogologic is about the green conversion.

The green conversion has many different components, and we at Yogologic contribute by providing a reusable yoga mat. One of the most sustainable mats ever.

We want to encourage each person, each individual, each consumer to focus on the change within themselves. We seek purpose, we seek mindfulness and in essence, we seek the logical choice. Be conscious.  

The logical decision today, is the green decision. There is no denying that our planet is suffering. Without conscious decision-making contributing to a more sustainable planet, our next generations won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful nature and the precious environment we endure today. Consciousness and logial choices are not only crucial for society, but essential for the individuals well-being as well. It has never been more important than now to make the sustainable, eco-friendly choices. For your self and the planet.

A decision to choose what is the least harmful to the environment and a decision that makes you as happy as possible. This is in truth, the logical decision.

For us, it starts with a cork yoga mat. We have a passion for yoga and a burning desire to make the world a better place for future generations to come, and our path to a better world is through sustainable choices. 

Combining our passion and our desire has led to rigorous research which revolved into a yoga mat unlike any other. Utilizing renewable sources to craft this one-of-a-kind yoga mat took sweat, hard work, and a few exhaustion tears, but spreading this vision of taking sustainability to another level, and integrating it into even the most neglected parts of our everyday life is definitely worth the tears. 

At Yogologic,  yoga is an obvious tool for making logical decisions. Just as part of yoga is a physical exercise, a part of yoga is a philosophical approach to yourself and your surroundings. Yoga can make you aware and conscious of the thoughts that fill your head, just as yoga can teach us the gratitude of the environment in which we are located. The interaction between consciousness and gratitude will teach us to make logical decisions.

Yogologic – Choose logic.